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Our Focus

Startup Creation

The DCSIL program incubates and fosters business and engineering knowledge that has successfully produced many startups.


The DCSIL program focuses on bringing software and startup specific education to undergraduate and graduate classes at the University of Toronto.

Industry engagement

Each semester we focus on engaging students with business partners in the industry. These partners mentor and guide the students in their startup while gaining invaluable exposure to brilliant students.

Our Startups


Working with the DCSIL team has been great. It has truly been a collaborative effort to ensure that both RBC and U of T get the most out of the partnership. This has been an amazing opportunity to explore avenues for interesting solutions to some of our questions as well as meet extremely talented students. Partnering with Julian, Mario and the DCSIL team is truly a win-win situation for us.

Lauren Mark

Senior Manager Academic Relationships, RBC

I highly recommend taking both CSC454 and CSC491. Among all the CS courses I took, these courses were the closest to what you can learn in the industry. CSC454 gives you a deep insight into how companies work as a whole, while CSC491 teaches you the industry standard of application development. As a CS student, there are not a lot of opportunities to see the business side of a company and this course gives you just that!

Johnny Jin

Student (W2020), Developer

DCSIL is something I wish I had available to me when I was a graduate student at U of T. Students are guided by industry experts to learn how to build a minimal viable product that addresses challenging industry problems. The transition from academia to industry is not particularly smooth, so I’m thrilled that the students are being provided this opportunity and are rising to the challenge! In return, we see innovative tech catered to our business needs and a rich talent pool of bright and capable minds.

Dr. Cathal Smyth

Senior Manager, Data Science, Global Cyber Security