CSC454/2527 - Business of Software

Applications are Closed

This half course is designed and delivered by startup and industry experts in the business and in successful commercialization of software and tech startups. This course will focus on the development of a viable business and startup in partnership and mentorship from successful industry businesses and entrepreneurs.

The course teaches techniques and methodologies that will give you a distinct career advantage after graduation. It is designed to give you a true-to-life experience of the thought processes and execution strategies behind successful tech business ventures, which apply whether you are planning on creating your own startup, joining a startup or working for an established employer.

This course is designed to be taken by people in any faculty or discipline as we will focus on helping you understand and develop modern business sense, introduce modern customer development and product development skills, financial skills, marketing skills, and more while building your own startup.

Students will work in teams to define and develop their own commercializable startups in a selected theme, develop a plan to tackle problems and introduce solutions, develop a working implementation, and present their work. Themes change every semester as we partner with new leaders in the industry. The class will be small, highly interactive, and work closely with teammates in CSC491/2600 who will build the actual product (informed and directed by work in this course).

Contact the Computer Science Undergraduate Office for course enrollment procedures. Not eligible for CR/NCR option.

Prerequisite: Application to the course via this website. Five half courses of any discipline at the 300-level or higher in any faculty.