CSC491/2600 - Capstone Design Project

Applications are Closed

This course is designed and delivered by industry experts from the Software and Tech fields. This course will span your knowledge from various Computer Science topics including data science, software
development, professional experience, web development, project management, and more.

While no existing knowledge of these areas is expected, you are expected to be able to write software and learn on the go! Please refer to the recommended course skills for more detail.

Students will work in teams to define and develop their own marketable startups in a selected theme, develop a plan to tackle problems and introduce solutions, develop a working implementation, and present their work. Class time will focus on the project but will include some lectures. Themes change every term as we partner with new leaders in the industry. The class will be small, highly interactive, and work closely with teammates in CSC454/2527.

Contact the Computer Science Undergraduate Office for course enrollment procedures. Not eligible for CR/NCR option.


Current Prerequisites: Permission of the instructor.

Recommended Prerequisites: Permission of the instructor. 5 CSC courses at the 300 level or higher. CSC454/2527 is a corequisite.

These are meant to be guidelines to indicate the suggested skillsets to be successful in CSC491/2600. There is always room for interpretation so if you are not sure contact the department/instructor to clarify.

Completing a PEY (or internship) is not a requirement, however it does supply a good basis of skills to be successful in this course.

As the specific skills needed for any given term changes based on the theme and a specific team’s focus - the skills required change. As such you are expected to have general software skills (Web App, Mobile App, Data Modeling, etc.) and may touch on any area of software required for your team’s product. You are also expected to easily adapt to learning modern technology and software paradigms on your own with mentorship and guidance from the instructor.

Earlier terms included products that draw from the following skills:

Keep in mind this is a list of examples and not a requirements list. You will be working in a team so you are not expected to be an expert in any of these skills, but you may need to learn some basic in some of them to help your team.